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Mountains and Flow

Mountains and Flow                            private commission 
2/ 11 x 40 inches                           temperate glass panels © 2013

Mountains and Flow is comprised of two temperate glass panels with polished edges.  Clear and translucent pieces of glass, Italian tiles, rolled and textured glass, glass beads and crystals, terminated and crushed create a design of light.  Hanging in a South facing window the design changes throughout the course to the day.  Elements emerge, then fade.  Beveled glass casts small rainbows. Crystals capture light and radiate a soft glow.  The panels are meditative, inspiring a quiet consideration that is enhanced by the effects of the light entering the eyes.  

Chrysalis Mosaic Fountain back

Chrysalis Mosaic Fountain (back view)                                                       private commission
9 x 16 feet                                                                                                                          Hotel Santa Fe Spa © 2009

The back of the Chrysalis mosaic reads as a series of peaks on the top and the inverse of these are reflected in the lower portion.  As above so below.  The upper area is a unified field of crushed crystals representative of the unified field of particles precessing form.  This field begins to swirl into double spirals of crystals.  These spirals are populated with larger and larger crystals layered with clear areas devoid of these yin/yang formations.  They spiral into cloud patterns and precipitate as in rain on the lower peaks.  The formless gathering itself in precipitating into the form of this world.  Within the lower peaks is a small door linking to the front of the mosaic, as if entered one would find oneself within the crystal cave.

Chrysalis Mosaic Fountain front

Chrysalis Mosaic Fountain                                                                                   private commission
9 x 16 feet                                                                                                                            Hotel Santa Fe Spa © 2009

The Chrysalis Mosaic Fountain is a large double sided fountain with water that drops from the ceiling into the space between the front and the back of the mosaic.  It is named Chrysalis as a world of crystal forming and emerging.  The front is made to look vaguely as a crystal cave.  Large and small crystals populate the large expanse of wall and flanking side arms.  Centered is a curved recess with water running down into a small pool.  The are surrounding area is enclosed without windows.  One feels enveloped by the monochromatic colors the sounds and coolness of the flowing water.